Residence Park
Neighborhood and Civic
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Last call for 2014 dues

Annual membership is $20 for families / $15 for seniors
We also welcome donations to support the Association activities.

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Or send a check made out to RPNA for your dues:
PO Box 1033
New Rochelle, NY  10805

Highlights of what your dues enabled us to do:
  • Work with our three City Councilmen on key concerns from
    the neighbors including:  minimizing businesses operating
    against City ordinances in our residential area; improving
    safety by getting traffic lights, hydrants, pot holes and
    curbs fixed by the City
  • Host the first neighborhood social and sample delicious food
    prepared by neighbors
  • Award college scholarships to four amazing students from
    Residence Park
  • Clean the streets and plant on the islands as part of the
    annual Earth Day Neighborhood Cleanup
  • Contract with a local gardener to beautify the main island
Residence Park, New Rochelle, New York
The Residence Park Neighborhood Association conducts civic, social and community
service on behalf of our neighborhood's residents.  

Join us and support YOUR neighborhood!

Our next activity:  General Meeting on Oct. 8
at 7:00 pm.  More details to come

Many events are happening throughout New Rochelle.  Check out our
events page
for more information